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We use semen from the very top Holsteiner stallions from Europe.  These stallions have been through the most rigorous competitive classification and selection process and are performance tested.  It is in the Holsteiner tradition of many generations of breeding to obtain the perfect show jumping sport horse.  We thus use semen from these Holsteiner Verband stallions such as Littorio, Lansing, Carpacco, Carentino & Cassini 11 .  Consultation takes place each year at the Verband as to the best Verband Stallions  to use with our NZ Thoroughbred mares  and that frozen semen is available to use with our mares.


The New Zealand thoroughbred is renowned throughout the world for its speed and endurance.  We have a rigorous selection process for mares to be considered for our breeding program.  The mare must be:

  • · Perfect conformation and gait and of good temperament
  • · Be able to pass this on to their foals
  • · Be a good brood mare with good blood lines

The mare is performance tested and also classified by the Holsteiner Verband classifier to be amongst the best mares in Australasia.  Our aim is to produce a sport horse with all the jumping and dressage qualities of the best Holsteiner but with extra speed and endurance of the New Zealand Thoroughbred particularly with eventing in mind.


All foals are conceived and borne on the property under the personal supervision of our manager.  Foals are used to human handling from birth, are cared for using modern horse handling principles and we pride ourselves on the behavioral characteristics of our horses.  Careful diet and dietary supplements are a priority and horses are wormed regularly, hoof care and teeth care and foals spend most of their young life on our rolling Raglan hills.  Foals are classified by the Holsteiner Verband classifier.


We are breeders and plan to sell our young stock before or as 3 year olds but if unsold, then further care is professionally carried out usually using Dave Marshall of DM Training as “breakers” (www.dmtraining.co.nz), Carolyn McCree of Brooklands Park (www.brooklandspark.co.nz) for early dressage training.



Breeders of Quality Holsteiner Based Sport Horses

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