Price List

ALLANDER ACRES, exercise, lunging, any other training.  Price by arrangement.

Any and all veterinary costs will be billed directly to clients.


Mare Services per cycle

            (includes mare management, monitoring, teasing, insemination, drug administration and arranging scans. Ultrasound scans, drugs and grazing are extra).

Artificial Insemination fresh or chilled semen            $385.00+gst                        $442.75

Artificial Insemination frozen semen                            $450.00+gst                        $517.50

Semen collection                                                                $300.00+gst                        $345.00

Airport pick up – Hamilton Airport                               $80.00+gst              $92.00

Airport pick up – Auckland                                             $150.00+gst                        $172.50

Stallion Service

Carpe Diem                                                                          $2000.00+gst         $2300.00

Carpe Diem to mare in the HHANZ stud book           $1800.00+gst         $2070.00

(non-refundable service fee – $250.00.  Collection fee extra)


Breeders of Quality Holsteiner Based Sport Horses

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