The prices for our horses are by negotiation.

The price obviously depends to a large extent on the age, quality and degree of development of the horse.

Naturally we love all our horses dearly and need to be convinced that they will be going to a good home and be well looked after.  We breed them to compete and like to see them out competing successfully and carrying our stud prefix.

Our breeding program is described elsewhere on this website but involves careful selection of mares and use of only the best  semen of German origin that would suit best that mare.

We are quality breeders breeding quality horses – and that doesn’t come cheap. No putting the horse out in a paddock for months at a time.  We have great and proven expertise in equine reproduction, pregnant mares are cared for with care, with hard feed and supplements, delivery is monitored and the foals handled daily and the lactating mare and foal fed given the best of feeds.  Our horses are given full parasite control program with 6 weekly drenching and with cross grazing to prevent reinfection.  And they have regular farrier, veterinarian and horse dental attention.  Our horses are registered, classified and branded with the Holsteiner Association.

Although our success rate is second to none, Mother Nature can be cruel and accidents do happen and our prices have to cover these mishaps.

So it doesn’t come cheap.  Our prices usually start at $10,000 and run up to $30,000.  But we have special offers from time to time, so ask – you could be lucky.  On the other hand, if the horse has reached the stage of being out competing, then it could be more.  We have a range of horses however and talk to Clare about the one that is best suited to your needs and to your pocket.

Buy the best – aren’t you worth it?

Mare at Classification
Allander Acres

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Breeders of Quality Holsteiner Based Sport Horses

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