Breeding a Dream Horse

If You Are Wishing to Breed Your Dream
Horse, How Do You Do It?

1. Buy a service from our stallions for your own mare.
You pay for the semen and for its transport and for its collection. You do the rest.

2. Same as above but you send us your mare and we send her back with a confirmed pregnancy. You pay for the semen and the servicing fee.

3. You buy one of our in-foal mares and do the rest  yourself.

4. Buy one of our selected and proven empty mares. Most are about $1200+gst. You pay a service and breeding fee. Ajistment would free but vet bills, worming, dentistry and farrier would be charged. You would take the mare when pregnancy is confirmed.

5. Buy one of our in-foal mares and leave her with us to breed again. As 4 but you get the first foal and the price depends on which mare you buy.

6. Buy one of our seven yearlings. We have colts and fillies – all quarter or half Holsteiner over TBs and bred for jumping and eventing.

7. Buy one of our 2 year olds.  there are two 2 year olds still available.

Numbers 1 and2…..Cheap at the outset; but, unless you really are experienced it will probably end up more expensive.  And the risks are great of not getting what you want.  Also it will be 4 or 5 years before you start riding the horse in competition.

Numbers 6 and 7…..More expensive at the outlay; but, the risks breeding, foaling, early care and not getting what you want have been removed.   You see what you are getting.  The horses are at or near competition – no years of waiting.


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