The Holsteiner Horse


For the last 500 years the Holsteiner Horse has been the product of very careful selective breeding. The object of this breeding has been to produce the perfect sport horse, particularly with show jumping in mind.

Of the thousands of colts born every year in Germany, only a small number of them actually make it to Performance Testing, fewer still to Stallion Approvals where the cream of the crop will be licensed. Even then most will still be expected to prove themselves in competition before they are fully established at stud. To become a fully licensed Holsteiner Verband Stallion, you have to be one of the few very best of the year. Stallions that miss out often go to other, less reputable organizations, for approval.

The Stud Book of the Holsteiner Verband is very well protected and their mare stamm lines are also the foundation of the Breed. All the Mares in the German Stud Book are 100% Holsteiner. The Stud Book is not unlike the thoroughbred Stud Book where you will only find thoroughbred’s. To attempt to improve and strengthen the breed, on occasion the Holsteiner Verband will allow in stallions of other breeds. For example thoroughbred blood was introduced as an experimental line to modernize or refine the breed. In this case the thoroughbred stallion Ladykiller was acquired.

Ladykillerr became one of the most influential Stallions in the Holsteiner breeding program. He was introduced in the early 1960’s and was the foundation of the modern Holsteiner horse you see today.

Ladykiller was the Sire of 2 of the great horses, Landgraf and Lord.

Landgraf was born in 1966 and is considered to be the Stallion of the Century and the symbol of the modern Holsteiner Sport Horse and performance Sire. He was also the most successful Sire of Show Jumpers the world has ever seen. He produced “130” Approved Stallion Sons who are active in every breed association in Germany and many of the Europe and U.S breeding associations. He died in 1996 at the age of 30 but his impact on warm blood breeding will be seen for generations yet to come. He is truly an important consideration in any pedigree.

Lord won the Stallion Approvals for his year. Lord’s Dam, Viola, was by the thoroughbred stallion, Cottage Son, who was another excellent band of thoroughbred stallions that played such a key role in producing the modern Holsteiner horse. Lord himself was a successful 3 day horse but his pedigree made him a controversial stallion being thoroughbred. Because of this he covered far fewer mares then Landgraf but, even so, produced more than 60 stallion sons that won approval. His progeny won more the 3 million Euros and he endowed all his progeny with enormous ability over fences.

The 3rd Stallion that was the foundation of the modem Holsteiner horse was Cor de la Bryere, born in 1968 by the very successful thoroughbred race horse Rantzau. His dam was Quenotte; 1/2 thoroughbred, she carried the famous Precipitation bloodlines.

Cor de la Bryere was considered the Stallion that revolutionized jumping horse breeding as he gives great form over jumps. He was thought to be “Royally Breed” and left an undeniable mark on Holsteiner breeding and jumping the world over.

He was a stallion with great vigor. In his first season at stud he covered 70 mares and of those an astounding 4 colts were licensed as breeding stallions. He is remembered for his shape over jumps as he was thought to possess “Ideal Bascule” which he passed to his progeny.

Thus we at Allander Acres use semen from some of these very best of German Holsteiner Verband licensed stallions in our breeding program. It is blended with the very best of our New Zealand thoroughbreds from the years when they were at their best as stayers to produce the beautiful and talented horses we have for sale.


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