2009-10 Foals

We believe that the mare is very important in breeding the perfect foal.  All our thoroughbred mares have been carefully selected for perfect conformation and gait, are classified by the German Holsteiner classifier as foundation mares.  In fact we have a top scoring foundation mare in Australasia. Furthermore all the mares are proven having produced at least one premium foal already. Using these mares and Licenced Holsteiner Verband derived semen we have repeatly had 100% premium foals at Holsteiner classification. Even all the quarter Holsteiner foals that we presented at the 2010 classification graded premium and Georgie was the top filly foal in New Zealand.  Some of these broodmares are for sale (see Horses for sale – Broodmares).

Austin,Chaiaphas and Fletcher Feb 2011

Choose from  the half Holsteiner Colts like the Littorio colt Austin or the Lansing filly Georgie or the All NZ Caballo foals bred for showjumping and eventing like Caiaphas and Henry or the handsome Laudallander foals like Denis, Isabella, Maxwell or Samuel.



Breeding can be a risky and expensive business when carried out on a one off or small scale.  Why take the risk and why go to the trouble and expense and then possibly end up with something you don’t really like.  Consider buying one of our young colts or fillies like the yearlings we have here.  It will probably be cheaper in the long run, you can see what you are getting, and you are getting it a few years earlier than you would if you tried to breed for yourself.  One of our friends has had five tries at breading from her favourite mare and has yet to come up with the horse that she was wanting.

Check out our yearlings. Hover over “horses for sale” – “2009-10 Foals” – and click on one of the various horse’s names or click the purple names in paragraph 2.

Austin 11 month old colt. November 2010

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